Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

~ Unknown

Ernst Renner

Music Teacher/Composer > Designer > Programmer

Hello and welcome to, my virtual playground where I post information about me, some of the things I have done so far and the exciting projects I am associated with.

Music Teacher

My music career began in Austria and continued after my immigration to Canada. I taught music and worked as a lounge pianist everywhere I lived except Vancouver. Most of the 90’s involved traveling with various bands. During those years, I saw a lot of Canada and met some really amazing people from whom I have learned a lot.

In the late 90’s, I took a break from music and went to work for IBM Canada but once the Y2K rush was over, I returned to teaching piano and brass until I moved to Vancouver. 
British Columbia was love at first sight. After I settled in, I began to develop iPad and iPhone apps which laid the foundation for the Little Composers School of Music and Composition


I have had the privilege of working on countless music projects and spent a lot of time in the recording studio laying down more tracks then I can remember. I’ve recorded radio commercials, played piano for a hotel promo video and over the years, put together a nice portfolio of my compositions.
My license fees for 30 seconds of audio which is suitable for a commercial starts at $50. I can also produce radio commercials in my studio starting at $300 and up.

One of the CD’s I’ve produced states this about me on the inside sleeve:

“Finally, heartfelt gratitude goes to Ernst, whose imagination and dedication turned these songs from mere dreams to reality”.

Ronda L.


A few years ago, I’ve completed all required classes at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (Dept. of Engineering) towards an Associate Certificate in Computer Aided Design Technology
FreeCAD and Blender 3D are my main design tools and I use the Artillery SW-X1 3D printer to turn my designs into reality. When I am not busy with modeling or 3D printing, I design WordPress-driven websites for Prolific Web Design

Covid19 has wrecked havoc and many companies scramble to update their online presence in order to not fall behind the competition. I am fairly busy but have room for one or two additional projects. If your business needs help with configuring the web server or updating content then feel free to contact me for rates and times of availability
Note! If you host your website on a Microsoft server then save yourself the time and look for someone who specializes in working with AS pages. I only work on Linux servers because I want to hang on to my hair for as long as possible.


Finally, my desire to finish what I once started was rekindled and after a four-week head start, I am excited to run a local Django web development server on one of my Linux boxes. With the help of matplotlib and pandas, I can create stunning visualizations with all kinds of useful little tweaks that other programs don’t have. If programming is on your radar and Python the language of choice then I can wholeheartedly recommend Python Crash Course (2nd Edition) by Eric Matthes.
This book is an Amazon bestseller for a good reason as it teaches everything one needs to know to learn Python programming in the shortest possible time. A true crash course.

One of my latest blog posts shows how to configure the SublimeText3 code editor for Python programming. Since writing that article, I have discovered Codium which is similar to Visual Studio Code but with most if not all telemetry options removed. OK, I do use one program that originates from Microsoft after all. Hmmm …

Trademarks and Copyrights

Trademark Info Canada

Application Number: 1570267
Trademark: pre piano
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CIPO Status: Registered
Nice Class: 9, 16, 41

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Trademark Info USA

Goods and Services: IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Children’s educational software
Serial Number: 86449066
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Priority Date: November 9, 2014
Type of Mark: TRADEMARK
Live/Dead Indicator: LIVE


Creative Children Compose Music
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Little Composers
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Concept of Music
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My main goal for 2021

Learn Python
To achieve my goal, I have enrolled at
Course name: Scientivic Computing with Python
Instructor: Dr. Charles Severance
Certification: Yes
Course duration: 300 hours
My course progress: 15/56 lectures

A few year ago, I’ve attended a marketing class here in Vancouver. I’ll never forget the first session. Shortly after the instructor introduced himself, he asked that those of us who have made goals would raise our hand and almost everyone did. He then asked that those who have the goals written on a piece of paper and with us would keep their hands up. Within seconds, all hands went down. His lesson was simple and taught me that if I want to achieve a goal, I have to not just think about it but write it down and put that piece of paper in my wallet so that I see it every time I pay for something. This way, I will always remember what I want to achieve.
Lastly, I’d like to encourage anyone who is thinking about learning a computer-based skill to search for quality online courses. There are lots to choose from and after reading up on the more popular choices, I have decided to go with which is hosted at the University of Michigan School of Information.