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Zephyrus G15 Blender Classroom Test Render

I just rendered the Blender Classroom test scene on my ASUS Zephyrus G15 which took 33.25 seconds to complete. *** SEE UPDATE (bottom of blog post) The test render was done on the Windows 10 Pro platform which performs similarly…

Zephyrus G15 Linux External Monitors

zephyrus linux external monitor

Can a Zephyrus G15 laptop running Linux power two external monitors? Yes. To test this, I’ve booted EndeavourOS with two 1440p Ultrawide monitors connected to my new ASUS Zephyrus G15 laptop. One panel via HDMI and the other via USB…

Zephyrus G15 Installing Linux

installing linux zephyrus g15

Disclaimer!I have discovered Linux in 1999 and used it ever since. Recently, I’ve replaced one of my older machines and upon using Windows 10 Pro for a few days, decided to partition the SSD and install Linux on my new…