Ernst Renner

Ernst Renner

Distrohopper Checklist

distrohopper checklist

No Linux distribution is 100 percent perfect and because of that, many people keep checking out the greener grass on the other side by visiting In a few days, I too will have to make a big decision. So…

Python Django web development

python django web development

Towards the end of November 2020, Amazon delivered a book which I want to use for learning Python programming. The title of the book is Python Crash Course (by Eric Metthes) and as I flipped trough the pages, I figured…

Goodbye Manjaro, HELLO Ubuntu

why manjaro is the best linux distribution for me

Sometimes in life we walk in circles. A little over two years ago, I’ve bought a Dell computer to replace my aging iMac. I’ve installed Manjaro Linux almost immediately and was impressed how well Manjaro handled Blender and pretty much…

GeckoLinux SAMBA Configuration

geckolinux samba configuration

By default, GeckoLinux does not include a SAMBA setup and configuration option. This means that YaST2 won’t provide an option to configure it. This blog post will help those who need to get SAMBA up and running to share files…

Apple Mac Mini M1

mac mini m1 silicon

Reviews about the new Apple Mac Mini M1 are multiplying like rabbits. Everywhere you look, you’ll get flooded with yet another glowing review about Apple’s latest marvel. This blog post is not a Mac Mini M1 review but rather a…