Ernst Renner

Ernst Renner

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Configure Sound and SAMBA

opensuse tumbleweed configure sound samba

After installing OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, the sound (audio codecs) and SAMBA (file sharing) need to be configured next. Note that setting up a SAMBA server is only important if you have multiple computers and need to share files over the network.…

eBook ToC Ubuntu Linux

ubuntu best linux distribution audio design programming

Note: Ubuntu Linux, my latest eBook is in the early stages and very much a work in progress. Unless something comes up, I will most likely stick to the ToC listed below. Update Jan 1, 2021 I have just switched…

Best XFCE Theme 2020

best XFCE theme 2020

I discovered the best XFCE theme which will be my default for the rest of 2020. Linux is an amazing operating system and lets me theme the operating system anyway I want to. So which look do I want? Simple.…

Corona Virus and working from home

corona virus side effects

Because of the Corona virus, many workers have switched to working from home. This is usually done by using a company-issued laptop or connecting to the company server. One of the biggest problems is authentication so let’s talk about that.…