Ernst Renner

Ernst Renner

eBook How To Create Secure Passwords

ebook that teaches how to create secure passwords

Do you want an eBook that teaches how to create secure passwords that are unbreakable? If you have a need to encrypt inventions or other sensitive information email account logins and passwords then you have come to the right place.…

FreeCAD Beta 19 CSS Skin Tweaks

FreeCAD Linux appimage css theme not working

All of my CAD design work is done with FreeCAD which I run on my Linux workstations. I don’t use the stable version and instead install the 19 series beta as often as a new appimage is getting released. If…

3D Printed G Clamps

3d pringed g clamps

3D printed G clamps are easy to produce. The most important part about 3D printed G clamps is the strength. The ones I made are supposed to clamp down another 3D printed part that replaces a monitor stand. How strong…