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google page speed ranking

Google Page Speed Ranking

As a web designer, I pay continuous attention to Google’s page speed ranking index. Regardless of the budget, I always make sure that everything I implement is optimized to the fullest. Google…

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dell precison 3440 dualboot windows manjaro

Dell Precision 3440 Install Manjaro Gnome

A few days ago, I managed to pick up an inexpensive Dell Precision 3440 computer. The first thing I did was remove the existing hard drive and replace it with an 500…

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distrohopper checklist

Distrohopper Checklist

No Linux distribution is 100 percent perfect and because of that, many people keep checking out the greener grass on the other side by visiting In a few days, I too…

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python django web development

Python Django web development

Towards the end of November 2020, Amazon delivered a book which I want to use for learning Python programming. The title of the book is Python Crash Course (by Eric Metthes) and…

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