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xfce install new packages

Package Management

Linux software is available when you first install the operating system as well as after the install. If you recall, we selected a few packages during the initial install and I mentioned…

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linux check ufw firewall status

Check Firewall status

Better safe then sorry. Perhaps the most important tool we have available for keeping the network to authorized individuals is the firewall. The last portion of the Firefox article instructed you to…

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linux install configure firefox

Configuring Firefox

This portion of the Installing ArcoLinux eBook is all about tweaking Firefox. The previous entry instructed you to update your system and while waiting for the updates to download, we are going…

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wallpaper search download use

Finding and Changing Wallpaper

This article is all about wallpapers. Once implemented, you will learn how to: Change the wallpaper Search online for a specific wallpaper Two ways to make your own Arco Linux comes with…

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arco linux b update system

Arco Linux B Update

Arco Linux is a rolling release which means that updates come in on a daily basis. Because of that, the first install will need a huge update to get the installed software…

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start ufw firewall automatically

Start ufw automatically

URGENT! The reason why I prioritized the firewall and placed it right at the top of Chapter 2 is so that you have protection right away. Many people have a fast internet…

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libre office spell check how to configure

Configure Libre Office Fresh

Libre Office, to me, is the best Linux office suite and available in two flavors. Fresh and Still. Fresh features the latest options which is why I am using it and have…

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start calamares installer

Install Arco Linux B

I assume that you tried out a lot of software and pocked around the file system. Just to make sure that everything is as it should be, we’ll reboot the computer before…

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partition hard disk

Partition hard disk

Congratulations! If you read this then you most likely managed to create the bootable USB stick and had a chance to try Arco Linux B for a bit. An operating system that…

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