Shower glass adjustment with 3D printed part

shower glass adjustment with 3d printed part

blog post will appear in less than 30 minutes (pacific time 7:00 PM). Last fall, we’ve renovated both bathrooms and all in all, everything went well. For some reason, the glass installers had problems in the master bathroom because of slight discrepancies which happened during the measuring process or at the glass factory. Because of …

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Failed to start Load Kernel Modules

timeshift linux backup system restore

My laptop just displayed Failed to start Load Kernel Modules after I updated Manjaro XFCE via the terminal. Light Display Manager couldn’t get started ether which left me with a broken system. The first step in recovering a broken Linux system Regardless of what happens on a Linux system, the first step should always be …

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Package Management

xfce install new packages

Linux software is available when you first install the operating system as well as after the install. If you recall, we selected a few packages during the initial install and I mentioned that we will add and remove more packages later. How to install new software with pacman Arch-based Linux distributions have, in my opinion, …

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Check Firewall status

linux check ufw firewall status

Better safe then sorry. Perhaps the most important tool we have available for keeping the network to authorized individuals is the firewall. The last portion of the Firefox article instructed you to reboot. I assume that have done so. The first thing to check is if the firewall has started as we instructed it to. …

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Configuring Firefox

linux install configure firefox

This portion of the Installing ArcoLinux eBook is all about tweaking Firefox. The previous entry instructed you to update your system and while waiting for the updates to download, we are going to configure and tweak Firefox. A default Firefox install is probably not what you want unless you are OK with Firefox installing studies …

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