Audio Jack2 Cadence Reaper

Linux audio jack2 reaper how to setup

Some of the material presented in this article will be used in my upcoming eBook which covers the use of Linux for professional web and graphics design. Audio is a big part of web design and this article describes how I created a DAW that runs on Linux. To get the most out of this …

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How to create an ArcoLinux B bootable USB stick

linux iso writer

Before we can try Arco Linux B, we need to create a bootable USB stick. More experienced users can do a quick install into Gnome Boxes or Virtualbox which does not require this step. If this is you then skip this article and return to the eBook index page Creating a bootable USB stick in …

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Sticky! Installing Arco Linux B – Step by Step

ebook arco linux b less is more

This article was last updated on Monday, March 30th.ChangesOriginally, I set out to document the installation process of ArcoLinux B which is a slimmer version of the full distribution which, by default, includes Openbox and the i3 tiling window manager in addition to XFCE which is the one I am actually using.If you have never …

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eBook ToC Manjaro Linux

manjaro linux toc banner

Note: Manjaro Linux, my latest eBook is in the early stages and very much a work in progress. Unless something comes up, I will most likely stick to the ToC listed below. Table of Contents Introduction Target audienceAbout the authorCopyright Chapter 1: Installing Manjaro Why Manjaro XFCEVerifying the isoLive boot ManjaroInstalling Manjaro XFCEConfigure (pamac, email, …

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