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Clear Linux 2021 Daily Driver

Clear Linux 2021 daily driver

Clear Linux is the fastest distribution that I have ever used and because of that, I am testing to see if Clear Linux can be my daily driver for 2021. A few months ago, I’ve switched from Arch-based distributions to…

UBUNTU Best Linux Distribution 2021

Ubuntu best linux distribution 2021

As of 2021, Ubuntu is the best Linux distribution for me. For the past two years, I’ve used mostly Arch-based Linux distributions. The reason for doing so were two-fold. Firstly, I felt that many YouTube reviewers as well as forum…

Distrohopper Checklist

distrohopper checklist

No Linux distribution is 100 percent perfect and because of that, many people keep checking out the greener grass on the other side by visiting In a few days, I too will have to make a big decision. So…