EndeavourOS Best New Linux Distro 2020

EndeavourOS best new Linux distro 2020

Finding the best new Linux distro in 2020 takes time. There are many different flavors of Linux available so which one is the best for me? To answer this question, I need to actually tell you what I am looking for when it comes to searching for the best Linux distribution. It all boils down …

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Linux XFCE Thunar SFTP Tutorial How To Access Web Server

XFCE Thunar SFTP Tutorial web server

How to access and transfer files to and from a web server with the help of Linux XFCE. The XFCE desktop environment is very popular in the Linux world and I prefer it to anything else because XFCE is simple and everything works. Today, I will describe the steps needed in order to mount a …

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Linux SSD USB HD file transfer speed test

linux ssd usb file transer speed test

I just finished a file transfer speed test between SSD, USB and regular hard drives. The test directory which I moved between the hard drives consisted of 451 video files and the transfer size was 5.3 Gig. To get an accurate readout, I did all of the transfers via the Linux terminal by issuing the …

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Audio Jack2 Cadence Reaper

Linux audio jack2 reaper how to setup

Some of the material presented in this article will be used in my upcoming eBook which covers the use of Linux for professional web and graphics design. Audio is a big part of web design and this article describes how I created a DAW that runs on Linux. To get the most out of this …

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