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Best XFCE Theme 2020

best XFCE theme 2020
I discovered the best XFCE theme which will be my default for the rest of 2020. Linux is an amazing operating system and lets me theme the operating system anyway I want to. So which look do I want? Simple.…

Linux AutoCAD alternative free CAD

Linux AutoCAD alternative Free CAD
AutoCAD users who want to work in Linux have a great alternative called FreeCAD. This article describes installing the latest version of FreeCAD which is an amazing free CAD solution. Before I go into details about installing FreeCAD I’d like…

Linux Best Productivity Software 2019

Best Productivity Linux Software 2019
This blog post is about the best productivity software for Linux which can be installed directly from within your distribution of choice. I will provide a short description and list the reasons why I chose a particular software title. What…