IKEA Linmon Desk Top Supports VESA Computer Arm

IKEA Linmon desk support vea computer arm

Two weeks ago, I attached two computer arms to my IKEA Linmon desk top. Each arm holds a 28″ 4K display and there are no signs of bending. Even after many days of pulling and bending the monitors, I see no wear on the Linmon desk top. Some YouTube videos mention that extra plywood is …

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Huawei P20 Pro How To Connect External SSD Device

How to connect an Android phone to an external SSD drive

Android smartphones like the Huawei P20 Pro can easily access an external SSD drive. This blog post explains how to do that by following a few simple steps. Best external SSD drive for smartphones Late last year, I bought a Samsung Portable SSD T5 500GB USB 3.1 External SSD (MU-PA500B/AM) drive. Usually, I re-format all …

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Linux AutoCAD alternative free CAD

Linux AutoCAD alternative Free CAD

AutoCAD users who want to work in Linux have a great alternative called FreeCAD. This article describes installing the latest version of FreeCAD which is an amazing free CAD solution. Before I go into details about installing FreeCAD I’d like to mention that this software is also available for Windows users. Everyone knows that CAD …

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Linux Best Productivity Software 2019

Best Productivity Linux Software 2019

This blog post is about the best productivity software for Linux which can be installed directly from within your distribution of choice. I will provide a short description and list the reasons why I chose a particular software title. What I do and which software I use In a nutshell, I do a ton of …

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Linux how to mirror a WordPress site on local computer

Linux can mirror and copy a live WordPress site so that it runs on my laptop at home. Although my web host creates backups which I can recall anytime I want to, I prefer to have an up-to-date mirror of my sites running on a local computer. If the live server gets compromised, I can …

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Craigslist Save Time Advanced Search

craigslist save time advanced search

This is how I save time with advanced search options on am always busy and little time to waste. When searching craigslist say for music gear, I save a lot of time by filtering the search. craigslist how to filter search results Most things are best explained with an example. Let’s assume that I …

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