Ultrawide or 32″ 4K Monitor Screen Dimensions

ultrawide 4k monitor screen dimensions

Ultrawide monitors are amazing and so are 4K monitors but which one is better for programmers and designers? Unlike never-ending arguments, screen resolutions can easily be compared with the help of math so let’s do just that.For the record, I work only with straight, non-curved displays. Curved monitors look to me as if the top … Read moreUltrawide or 32″ 4K Monitor Screen Dimensions

Best Linux Distro for Artists

best linux distribution for artists graphics design and audio recording

The best Linux distro for artists who create graphics and music content is ArcoLinux This statement is not based on a quick live USB boot impression but on my long-time usage on multiple machines. Yes, I am a fan but I am definitely not a Linux “Fanboy”. If I use something, then it has to … Read moreBest Linux Distro for Artists

Reviews of goods that I use every day

ernst renner reviews

This part of the www.ernstrenner.com website will feature reviews of products that I use on a day-to-day basis. You will find a wide variety ranging from computer hardware, software, audio equipment, musical instruments and other components which I needed to learn about.I believe that some of the knowledge that I picked up over the years … Read moreReviews of goods that I use every day