Artilery Sidewinder SWX1 CURA 4 Profile Download

DISCLAIMER! If you download the file, then check and make sure that the file sizes match!
I do not take any responsibility for the linked files. If you use them, practice extreme caution. Instead of downloading the PDF, open it in your browser.

After you download, right-click and compare the file size of the SWX1 Fine curaprofile. It should be exactly 3,387 bytes when unzipped. If it is not, then “somebody” added something. Please let me know if that’s the case. Delete the file if the provided file sizes don’t match.

Alternate SWX1 Cura download suggestion

If you have Facebook, then find the Artillery Sidewinder SWX1 Facebook group page and get it from there. My file is clean but once I upload it, I have no control what others do to it. This is true for anything that can be downloaded from unofficial websites. So be careful and protect yourself.

My .stl files – ready for 3D printing.

Artillery Sidewinder SW X1 X axis cover
Artillery Sidewinder SW X1 X axis cover prevents scratches to your pullover sleeve when turning the power on/off.

You can download my Artillery Sidewinder X1 X-Axis end cap form


This image shows the precise file details of when it was created as well as the file size. Please compare after you unzip. If you download the above file then compare the file size to the one shown in the picture. Getting something from the internet is risky so it’s always good to check. The exact file size should be 53,684 bytes.

End Cap Placement

Once printed, attach the end cap as shown in the image below.
German: Der Teil deckt die rechte Oeffung der Schiene ab an welcher der Druckkops angebracht ist.

3d printer end cap placement location