Often times, a blog post is perfect to cover a topic of up to 2000 words. For larger publications, I turn to the eBook format which I create with LibreOffice


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Ernst Renner eBooks

I try to do all of my work with opensource software including writing eBooks. LibreOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Office and is installed on all of my computers.
Writing eBooks is especially easy thanks to an ultra-wide monitor which displays three pages side-by-side. Even more if I chose a smaller zoom level.

My latest eBook carries the title: Encrypt or Regret and is all about the importance of data encryption. The eBook shows how anyone can hack a computer in mere minutes and access all the data on that machine. Encrypt or Regret then goes on to introduce powerful Linux tools which make stealing your data next to impossible.

If you create music or artwork or anything that is sensitive, then you should check out my latest eBook Encrypt and Regret.