My Artwork

2D / 3D graphics design

I am adding C++ to my Python skills and work every free minute I have left with UE5 and Blender creating virtual worlds and game assets for UE5.

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Eventually, my crayons and colored pencils would be replaced by powerful software running on high-end graphics workstations. Most of my artwork is done with these four applications:

  • FreeCAD & CURA
  • Blender 3D
  • Unreal Engine 5
  • Gimp and Krita

My studio workspace

ernst renner design studio
My studio as of 2020

App development

I am also working on giving the Little Composers Piano app a make over. Here is an actual screenshot of the app.

little composers piano app ui
Little Composers Piano app screenshot

Web design

I have created web pages since the mid 90’s and am amazed on how much has changed since the early days. When not studying or modelling, I develop or update online content and am proud of the fact that my work evaluates favorably when checked GT Metrix or similar sites.

If your company website does not evaluate to your liking and you want to fix the problems then feel free to contact me and I will take a look and follow up with improvement suggestions.
I also specialize in virtual private server (VPS) administration and Linux server security. If your website is hosted on the Microsoft server then please don’t contact me because I work only on the Linux platform (NGINX and PHP).

Content management systems

In addition to HTML/CSS-driven websites, I also work with Drupal and WordPress content management systems. Depending on the requirements, I find existing solutions or develop custom themes and plugins as needed.

My favorite 3D render

For as long as I can remember, drawing was my “thing”. Sadly, my grade 3/4 teacher did not like kids who sketch and scribble all the time but in the end, thankfully, it all worked out. 😉

ernst renner 3d render