Recording the Yamaha Genos MIDI with Reaper DAW

yamaha genos midi reaper daw recording editing

This post describes how I record MIDI files on my Yamaha Genos and edit them with Reaper which is my DAW (digital audio workstation). For the record, Reapers is a low cost DAW and available as a free download from the Reaper website Yamaha Genos USB connecitons To make the process as simple as possible, …

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Best Linux Distro for Artists

best linux distribution for artists graphics design and audio recording

The best Linux distro for artists who create graphics and music content is ArcoLinux This statement is not based on a quick live USB boot impression but on my long-time usage on multiple machines. Yes, I am a fan but I am definitely not a Linux “Fanboy”. If I use something, then it has to …

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